Miniature Worlds

Rings are rarely noticed not only because of it’s miniature size but because a lot of attention is given to other accessory items such as necklaces and anklets. Additionally, in beaded handcrafted accessories, handmade rings continue to be left out because only a few chosen beads are appropriate for the item. You have to carefully choose beads that are flat and little for comfort. But still, it is nice to make and put on handmade accessories that are complementing.

These simple instructions will certainly guide you through making fashionable and trendy handmade rings in the miniature worlds.

Planning the design is the first step of every project. For your handmade rings, be particular about the size the handmade accessories. The ring must not be too small or else the ring will break. It should also generally be not too large as it will make the handmade rings useless. Always choose the perfect fit. Measure the dimensions of your finger beforehand to prevent failures.

Get your supplies. For the handmade accessories, you will need (25) seed beads #11, (1) flat feature bead, (2) crimps, pliers, and stove of nylon bead wire. We will make use of nylon bead cord as it is very flexible, elastic and durable. In this creation, we will only use two inches of nylon bead cord per ring. These materials are sold from craft stores at low prices.

If you are ready, begin with sliding one crimp onto the cable. Be careful not squash the crimp. Thread in the seed beads until the whole cord is covered. However, leave a space for the flat bead and for creating a knot. Slide in the 2nd crimp followed by the smooth bead onto the synthetic cord. To close the homemade ring, take one finish of the nylon bead power cord and insert it into the first crimp. Then tighten up the ring by tugging both ends of the string. As soon as your handcrafted engagement ring has been formed, squash the particular crimps to secure typically the nylon bead cord. The surplus nylon bead cord is cut as near as you can to the crimps to have a thoroughly clean looking handmade ring. So that’s it. Easy right?